Washington Apple Crown Royal Apple Drink Recipe

The Washington apple is a cocktail with a delicious sweet apple taste and a sour tangy twist of cranberry. The two marry together in this delicious drink to create a cran-apple cocktail. 

Washington Apple Crown Royal Apple Drink Recipe
The Washington Apple is a fun drink all year round.

This cocktail HAD to happen on the homemade Food junkie blog. We live in Washington the apple state, grow our own apples and are literally SURROUNDED by apple orchards.

We make fantastic apple cider with our neighbors every fall. Apple drinks are very popular here.

We love this apple drink and feel a special bond to it as we do all things apple. Also… Ocean Spray Cranberry juice is made in Washington.

So now you know why they mixed up the apples liqueur with cranberry juice. We love the cran apple combo!

Washington Apple Crown Royal Apple Drink Recipe
Washington apple is best with a slice of crisp Washington apple on the side.

I have read a tall tale or two about the history of this yummy apple drink. And…being from Washington I do not entirely disbelieve them. But! I’m not ready to set the ‘accidental fermented (rotten) apple story’ down as fact quite yet.

If YOU know the history of the Washington apple I’d love to hear it. Let’s just say once it was launched the apple found more and more devoteés until it is now a fairly popular bar drink and party shooter.

Dress the Washington apple up in a classy Martini glass as we did OR make it as a Washington Apple shot or Washington apple punch.

We have included the instructions for these variations down below in this post.

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