Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}

9 mouth-watering healthy appetizers that are perfect for your summer parties! Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}

Healthy Appetizers For Summer

The summer season brings with it a lot of entertaining opportunities and celebrations. Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right balance of delicious food for your parties while also keeping your recipes healthy as well. Balance is key, and I love to serve up healthy appetizers so you can leave a little room for something sweet.

Many of these healthy appetizers can be tweaked for special dietary restrictions like paleo, vegan, or gluten-free. Hopefully these give you a head start for planning your party menus this summer. And if no parties are on the horizon, do what I do and make an appetizer board for dinner! My little one loves to eat “apps” for dinner.

Healthy appetizers don’t have to lack in flavor. In fact, I find them to be much more flavorful than deep fried “go-to’s”. Let’s get right into them, shall we?

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


First up are these watermelon feta skewers with mint! They’re one of the most refreshing summer appetizers which pairs nicely with the heat of the season. Plus, I love that bright watermelon red color. You can also turn this healthy appetizer into more of a salad by nixing the skewers and layering the watermelon feta bites on a large platter. Delish!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


Next up, delicious spinach artichoke stuffed mini peppers! Y’all, these are good enough to double as a dinner. They are oh so delicious. Plus, they use nonfat greek yogurt and just a touch of reduced fat cream cheese so they’re a “skinny” appetizer that doesn’t lack on flavor!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


Another favorite healthy appetizer that’s perfect for summer? These miniature BLTs! Use a mini tomato (just slice the bottom off to allow it to sit straight) and fill with a drizzle of your favorite dressing (ranch, blue cheese, or just leave plain), arugula leaf, and a miniature bacon slice. These are also super simple to prep the morning of your party!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


Swap the fries and opt for these delicious parmesan zucchini fries from Rasa Malaysia! They’re super simple to make, and you won’t miss the calories from potato fries.

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


Summer is all about salsa, right? Pineapple is already a summer favorite so add in the spice from jalapeno and you’re looking at a delicious (and healthy) summer appetizer (grab the recipe for this Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa here). Scoop it with your favorite veggies or add on top of mini tacos!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


Cantaloupe is second (only to watermelon) for my very favorite summer fruits! Plays Well With Butter (obsessed with her blog) has the most amazing recipe for these prosciutto wrapped canteloupe, the perfect healthy appetizer for summer!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


These veggie summer rolls are just so PRETTY, aren’t they? I love the vibrant colors and all the healthy nutrients from the veggies. Eat Spin Run Repeat created this gorgeous recipe for these loaded veggie summer rolls with cashew tahini dip!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}

8. Antipasto Kabobs

One of my very favorite bloggers, Michael of Inspired by Charm, has this amazing recipe for antipasto kabobs that are so perfect for summer! He has some of my favorite recipe (and DIY, home ideas) around the web!

Healthy Summer Appetizers {Easy & Delish}


Can you even?! These shrimp tapas and mango shooters are just so pretty! They’re so vibrant and fun which is perfect for summer! Eat Well 101 has the amazing recipe right here!

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